Dec 14


When NIHILS decided it was time to push their creative boundaries beyond building lethal ski jumps and plummeting down mountains, forming a band seemed a natural progression. The three young Austrians spent seven years refining their special blend of electronic alternative music with a vision to produce high-quality music; to inspire and entertain their audiences and to remain responsive and true. Their previous release “Help Our Souls” became an instant anthem and the remix for the single via Urban Contact Remix on Epic/Ultra, climbed the Australian charts and became a radio staple with over four million streams to date. Their success crossed over to the states where they showcased at SXSW in Austin in March, which led to them supporting 30 Seconds To Mars. Ramon, Florian and Thomas have since returned with a more refined and mature sound as an appetizer to the long-awaited album due in 2016. The single “Not A Man Of Violence” was inspired by the vibrant international electro scene, as they worked with producers Niko Stössl (Crystal Castles, IAMX) and Paul Kinski. Their live performances are always highly energetic, interactive and draw repeat audiences.


STREAM: “Not A Man Of Violence”