Apr 21


Kaitlin Riegel was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in the United States until the age of 12. Then her perfectly sane family ventured across the world and uprooted Kaitlin to Auckland, New Zealand. Now after living nearly half of her life in each country, she’s proud to be an American and a Kiwi. Learning to play piano and sing throughout her childhood became much more than a hobby. Kaitlin launched into songwriting when she performed at a local Arts Centre Coffee House open mic night, amongst the folk and country singers at a ripe young age. Now, her passion for music has never been stronger. Most of the music she creates revolves around intricate vocal parts but almost everything she writes is composed on her beloved Roland keyboard. Her goal, as for many musicians, is to get the music to reflect the lyric, which then bonds together to create an image in the listeners mind. She loves to experiment with sound to create an atmosphere and tell a story. The final result can be heard with her songs that were produced by Simon “Berkfinger” Berckelman (The Temper Trap, Silverchair, Wolfmother) which has drawn early musical comparisons to Lorde and Kimbra with a touch of Adele. Her single “Silhouettes” (the KIDFORCE radio mix) is already starting to draw early buzz at tastemaker radio worldwide and she recently released her debut EP, A Thought That Counts. Kaitlin Riegel is destined to be another great New Zealand-based global export and follow the success of Lorde, Naked & Famous, Gin Wigmore, Kimbra and many others.

LINK: www.kaitlinriegel.com

STREAM: “SIlhouettes”

Apr 1


Based in Stockholm, Defueld is a hard rock/heavy metal act that brings together all the best of the Swedish sound: heavy guitar-riffs, memorable melodies, soaring guitar solos and wicked rhythms. But not only does Defueld draw inspiration from classic rock and metal, but also from such disparate genres as dubstep and electro. This willingness to experiment was exemplified in 2008 when the group became the first metal act to tour Senegal, finishing with a stop just outside Dakar that attracted over 7,000 music lovers and national media attention. In March of 2009 the band self-produced and self-released their eponymous debut album, which went on to become the fourth best-selling metal album of the year in Sweden – not too shabby considering the complete lack of label backing. Now Defueld returns with their latest effort, Rorschach, a nine-track effort that’s a masterpiece in the making. The critics agree, with Sweden Rock magazine’s Jane Cedenberger proclaiming, “The Stockholm-based band’s second album contains nine awesome tracks with an exciting musical atmosphere…heaviness is mixed with groove and almost angelic harmonies, amazing keyboards, appealing lyrics, beautifully built choirs and vocal performances that really touch you.

LINK: www.littlegreatthings.com

STREAM: “Leave Me Bleeding”