Aug 26


Australia-born Dialekt started as an MC and freestyler in the Mariana music scene and gained success in the Pacific islands with the single “Summertime.” Growing up on the American islands of Guam and Saipan, where he was first introduced to hip-hop, Dialekt spent a large majority of his early years crafting a unique rhyme style and delivery. Dialekt, meaning a form of language spoken in a particular area, is a perfect fit considering his style consists of a wide range of mixed influences and multi-dimensional flows. Having such a diverse cultural background has allowed him to experience a rare lifestyle both personally and musically. Dialekt has performed with LA rapper Xzibit in Guam and collaborated with Royce Da 5’9", Sen Dog of Cypress Hill and LA producer Fingazz for his new album Fortress. His popular video for the single, “I’m In LA,” which saw the young Australian lyricist filming in South Central Los Angeles with Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, has received over 400,000 views on YouTube. No other lyricist from Australia has as much intensity and lyrical agility as this mind-blowing artist and it’s only a matter of time before the global stage will get its chance to bear witness. His new single "Fortress" featuring fellow Australian singer Xy is receiving airplay from radio stations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe and the states.


STREAM: “Fortress”

Aug 19


The fresh new band called Kittens of the Internet has absolutely nothing to do with Sylvester from Looney Tunes, Tom of Tom & Jerry or even Heathcliff from the old school comic strips. The duo consisting of Mauhuia Bridgman-Cooper and Katie Scott is based in Auckland, New Zealand and describe their sound as “Alternative Dream Pop.” These cool cats (pun intended) began making music together in January of this year and have built quite the momentum recently with their debut single, “Living The Dream,” which has garnered strong international radio support on the influential new music syndicated radio show Passport Approved. The duo met while Katie was making coffees at a recording studio where Mahuia came to compose jingles. The two bonded immediately over their love and inspiration of music, films, theatre and life experiences. Having successes before starting KOTI, Katie was an accomplished songwriter and Mahuia an acclaimed producer. Between the two, they’ve worked with an impressive who’s who of names in the New Zealand music scene including Ladyhawke, SJD, OMC, Brooke Fraser, Midnight Youth and more. With the current success of Lorde and the talents of KOTI, New Zealand may just be the next musical hotbed for export music.


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Aug 12


Martin & James’ story began in the town of Coatbridge, just east of Glasgow, Scotland. The two have known each other as long as they can remember. The chemistry was immediately apparent, their experiments facilitated and encouraged by James’ father, who kept a small Roland 8 track recorder at his home. A member of The Silencers, contemporaries of celebrated 1980s Scottish acts like Simple Minds, Del Amitri and Big Country, he ensured that the dream of becoming a musician was less far-fetched than it might have seemed. After years of working on their music, in the late 2000s they received an unexpected call from a German management company which discovered their songs online and wanted to set them up in the German capital for the summer. Aware that chances like this are far and few between, Martin & James quit their jobs and their confidence paid off: Universal Records Germany offered a deal. Relocated to Berlin, their reputation spread fast, fueled by social networking sites and the buzz of the internet. The release of EPs in 2009 (Bad Dream) and 2010 (Wrong Directions) helped propel their ascent, while collaborations with TravisFran Healy and Iain Archer (Snow Patrol) found their way onto 2011’s eponymous debut album. The duo toured heavily, opening for The Stereophonics, Bryan Adams, Paul Weller, Jake Bugg, Razorlight and James Morrison. Life’s A Show marks a huge leap forward for Martin & James; recorded in Berlin and Los Angrles, the backbone of every song embodies their harmonies.


STREAM: “Waiting”