May 28


Fake Club is the antithesis to a modern brand of music. Their tunes will make you tingle in places that were left behind when rock n roll was a lifestyle. To their peers they are a threat; to the general public they are their new favorite band. Birthed from a society obsessed with augmented reality, Fake Club takes that attitude and turn it on its head, mocking and feeding from any negative associations and creating a refreshing culture of their own. The UK female quintet approached their first album with an old school style; they recorded it live with a maximum of two takes per song. Appealing to the fans of The Veronicas, Ting Tings and Bat For Lashes, Fake Club has received positive press in The Guardian, Digital Spy, XO Magazine, VOLT and more. The band exerts the onstage energy of a female Guns N Roses meets Rage Against The Machine in their own distinctive and infectious style.


STREAM: “Beauty Queen”

May 21


The Australian alternative rock quartet Monks Of Mellonwah consist of Vikram Kaushik (vocals/guitar), Joe de la Hoyde (lead guitar), John de la Hoyde (bass) and Joshua Baissari (drums). Their musical influences draw on a variety of artists from the past and the present, including the soundscape prowess of Pink Floyd, the free-natured blues of Led Zeppelin, and the blazing modern sound of Muse, creating a masterful yet unique sound, really honing in on those big, powerful moments every listener longs to hear.
Monks Of Mellonwah have been compared to the likes of The Black Keys, Band of Skulls and Incubus and have had their music featured on MTV’s The Real World: St. Thomas (U.S.) and RTL Channel Show (Germany). The band has also received positive feedback and coverage from multiple music blogs, magazines and other media outlets such as Big Takeover Magazine, CMJ, Noise 11, MTV and more. They will showcase at an Australian music showcase event in Singapore this week.


STREAM: “Ghost Stories”

May 14


Falling Off Maps is a five-piece outfit from Nottingham, UK consisting of Dave Wright (vocals/guitar), Dane Prewett (bass/electronics), Joe Watts (guitar), Tom Harrison (piano) and Jay Wright (drums) and have been compared to the likes of Radiohead, Alt-J, Bon Iver and Arcade Fire. Their album title and band moniker were in place before a single note had been written or recorded. Falling Off Maps were a thematic concept in mind first–then came the music. Their brilliance sits in the intimate spaces created in their minimalist music dramas – it’s there in the things they have chosen to leave out as much as what is committed to a recording. The end result: a well of emotions. A widescreen, cinematic work. A thing of beauty. The album A Seaside Town In Winter featuring the single “The Redeemer” is a place you will want to re-visit time and time again.


STREAM: “The Redeemer”