Apr 29


The Fluxx, five fresh-faced boys from Oslo, Norway made up of lead singer Daniel Stähler, guitarist Stephan Gracia Slaaen, Bassist Iver Paulsberg , keyboardist Jan Kristoffersen and a Drummer Lars Andre Hagensen, were never daunted by hard work or accused of a lack of perseverance. The guys have known each other since their schooldays and have been performing together from an early age. These deep roots have grown into a fiery passion to succeed, fueled by a sense of camaraderie amongst the quintet that’s blossomed due to the fact that the individual members are always there for each other. They’ve done this through relentless gigging in their native Oslo and support slots with multi-platinum Eurovision artist Alexander Rybak, and expanded their profile through performances in the UK. The Fluxx have garnered early airplay support with their songs “Take You Back” and “She Cries” on a variety of global radio outlets. The Trey Sheppard (Zero Hour)-produced and Steve Fitzmaurice (Depeche Mode, Olly Murs, U2)-mixed single, “Kids On The Radio,” is a refreshing pop tune that proves their talent is a force to be reckoned with. The Fluxx are one of the best guitar-pop live acts from Scandinavia and have HUGE global potential. The band will be showcasing at MUSEXPO on Monday May 6 at 10pm at S.I.R. Studios.

LINK: www.facebook.com/thefluxxofficial

STREAM: “Kids On The Radio”

Apr 23


Spending her early childhood traveling around with her parents who were in the film industry, Kita Klane needed some company as she traveled in a different city every few months. She found comfort in the music of Billie Holiday, Etta James, Sarah Vaughan and Peggy Lee. After five years in Los Angeles, Kita returned to her traveling roots and spent time soaking up the culture and energy of cities such as New York and Paris. Realizing it was time to take the life experiences and put them into songs, Kita returned home to LA where she rekindled a friendship with childhood friend, Frankie IV, who became her writing partner. One night after performing a packed house at The Roxy, the two met Jeff Greenberg, long-time LA promoter, manager and owner of the world famous Village Studios. He invited them to the studio and offered to help them record their music. Greenberg introduced them to DJ/tastemaker Nic Harcourt (now host of the weekly morning show on 88.5FM KCSN Los Angeles) who has helped launch the careers of Coldplay, Norah Jones, Sigur Ros and David Gray in the US. Impressed with their talent, Harcourt decided to head into the studio as a first time producer. “There was a raw passion and energy about the music, but perhaps more importantly Kita, I knew she was a great singer, It was about arranging the songs in a way that allowed her voice the space to really sing,” said Harcourt. The debut EP In Love With The Enemy, a four song release, includes the early buzz track “The Enemy” (produced by Harcourt) and three new tracks such as “Running Circles,” which delivers a hypnotic peek into Kita’s unique brand of indie, soul, jazz and cabaret. Kita is currently available for worldwide signing, booking, publishing, and licensing.

LINK: www.facebook.com/kitakmusic

STREAM: “Running Circles”

Apr 15


Erik Hääger (vocals/guitar), Johan Malmberg (guitar) and Daniel Karlsson (bass guitar) together are Fou De Toi. Formed just two short years ago by Hääger after returning to Sweden from touring in the states with Carolina Liar, he felt the need for something new and fresh, musically. The Göteborg and Stockholm trio create indie pop music on the same level that the Scandinavians have perfected. Their melodies are addictive and simply brilliant. In 2011, they released their debut EP The Impossible Thrill and landed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell. After impressing fans with their 2012 tune “Pick Up The Phone,” Fou De Toi returned with another gem in “Heartless.” The band has picked up strong global radio support via the syndicated Passport Approved radio program which reaches millions of new music fans worldwide and the band is already seeing a growing fanbase and good early digital sales from those radio markets, as well as more increased online activity.

LINK: www.foudetoi.se

STREAM: “Heartless”

Apr 8


Equipped with multiple instruments, a loop station, pedals, a capacity to sing and a beat-box, “one-man-band” Jeremy Loops creates textured tracks that transform convention and align the fresh with the familiar. His performances center around crowd participation and collaborations with other skilled musicians, most frequently the lyricist Motheo Moleko, as well as Jamie Faull on the sax, which brings a completely unique and positive sound to new school world folk music. Jeremy has been hugely successful of late, playing on the main stage at Oppikoppi, one of the biggest festivals south of the equator, to a crowd of 22,000 people. A&R Worldwide saw Jeremy Loops in South Africa last year courtesy of Sheer Music’s Damon Forbes and noted that Jeremy Loops has the global potential like Mumford & Sons, Gotye and fellow South African Dave Matthews. Jeremy’s first ever show outside of South Africa will be at MUSEXPO LA this year and flocks of agents, publishers, labels and music supervisors are sure to swarm all over this hidden musical gem. The critics have been quick to take notice too: Mahala online, South Africa’s arbiter of cool, said about Jeremy Loops, “Then, out of nowhere this hipster kid with a feather in his hat came out and blew the (expletive) roof off the place. By far the standout act of the festival, Jeremy Loops brought something fresh to the table. Very cool loops layered over each other, a good grasp of a range of instruments, loads of energy, loads of funk. The crowd went completely nuts.”

LINK: www.facebook.com/jeremyloops

STREAM: “Power”

Apr 2


A small town girl with big city dreams is an enduring artistic cliché that’s been around for centuries. But for singer/songwriter Jodee Seiders, who comes from the rural environs of McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, it’s not so much a cliché as a mission statement. Utilizing everything, from traditional hymns and vintage records, to playful harmonies and made-up material, making music quickly became a passion for Jodee. She now resides in an artistic community of fellow singer/songwriters and performs regularly in both Los Angeles and Manhattan. Stylistically, she’s drawn comparisons to such talents as Dido, Sia, Lissie and Norah Jones and recently teamed with guitarist Rafael Moreira, bassist Ben White, drummer Randy Cooke and keyboardist Cheche Alara for an album of cover songs emulating past efforts such as Tori AmosStrange Little Girls and Cat Power’s The Covers Album. The first single off the Uncovered album is Jodee’s take on Sheryl Crow’s 1995 tune, “Perfect Lie,” a perfect showcase for Jodee’s smoky tones and impassioned vocal abilities.

LINK: www.facebook.com/jodeeseidersmusic

STREAM: “Perfect Lie”