Jan 22


This 26-year-old beauty is one of the hottest up and coming newcomers of this era. With a strong passion for R&B and mature and well-focused sound, Christina Alfred is hoping to capture both industry and fans alike. Christina was influenced by artists such as Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Luther Vandross. At the age of 11, she began to embrace her love affair of music by singing in the church choir and recording in music studios. By the age of 13, she took her new found love to another level and began performing in local talent shows and theatre productions. She was the winner of the WFXE Columbus, GA “Foxie 105” talent show multiple times, and was also the entertainment for several community events including the "Women’s Empowerment Conference" with guest speaker Tina Knowles. Her theatrical experience includes “Shalavy,” “Dreamgirls,” “Dr. Scrooge,” “Coretta Scott the Other Side of the Dream,” “I’ve Got the Music in Me 1 & 3,” and “The Legendary Lady (Lena Horne) Tribute.” She has showcased her vocal talents and abilities by opening up for artists such as The O’Jay’s, The S.O.S Band, Mint Condition, B2K and Ginuwine. This all around artist has also done background vocals for Case, Joe, and Calvin Richardson. Recently, Christina became the winner of the “Sing Your Way to 100K” competition in Atmore, AL sponsored by the Wind Creek Casino and Hotel. A force to be reckoned with, Christina has released her debut single “Beautiful Blue,” which would appeal to the fans of Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Sara Bareilles.

LINK: www.christinaalfred.com

STREAM: “Beautiful Blue”

Jan 15


Moto Boy aka Oskar Humlebo is a Swedish musician who creates lush, romantic pop songs. With emotive pop and impressive operatic vocals, the result is hair-raising music that evokes feelings parallel to that of a Jeff Buckley song or a David Lynch movie. His music appeals to the fans of Radiohead, Muse, Depeche Mode, Hurts and The Temper Trap. Last summer he toured with The Cardigans as the guitarist and composed the soundtrack to Lubiewo-Kärleksön, the adaptation of Michal Witkowksi’s great novel of the same name. Not only did Moto Boy create the soundtrack but he also acted in the play. His music has received positive reviews from NME, Pop Justice and Cool Hunting, while Zero Magazine states the music is a “10/10.” If you’re searching for a musical journey, let Moto Boy take you there with his new 2013 mix of the cinematic and effervescent “The Heart Is A Rebel.” The original version of this epic and radio friendly track has already won over Swedish audiences and is set to have a global reach as more people are getting turned on to the new mix of this song. Moto Boy is currently working on his third studio album. Listen to other tracks and find out more information, tour dates and more on Moto Boy at http://motoboy.se. Available for signing, licensing, synch and booking opportunities, contact Gisela Sotomayor at ninteeen95 artist management gigi@nineteen95.com.

LINK: www.motoboy.se

STREAM: “The Heart Is A Rebel”

Jan 8


The Maneken is an electronic rock artist from the Ukraine. When he first arrived on the music scene in 2008, DJs from Ukrainian radio stations dubbed him the “Ukrainian Jamiroquai.” Today, his compositions are a wonderful combination of modern dance music and pop rock culture heritage from the past decade which includes hints of Air, Coldplay, Keane, The XX and Empire of the Sun. The Maneken has traveled the world and performed in Moscow, Russia, Lithuania, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Puerto Rico and many other destinations. In 2009 his debut album, First Look, was released by the French label Somekind Records and was distributed throughout the Virgin Megastores, available in European countries and Japan. The Maneken’s music videos have been showcased on music channels in Europe and the Middle East, including Music Box Italy, MTV Baltic, MTV Arabia, Mad TV in Greece, Sola TV in Spain, QTOM in Germany and World Chart Express on MTV European. Last year The Maneken released the single “Safe Connection,” which was a song devoted to the AIDS epidemic in Ukraine. The track was so popular that it became the official anthem for the project of the same name that was implemented by the Elena Punchuk ANTI AIDS Foundation. A new track called “Stop!” featuring Open Kids is a conscience record that speaks for the future. After some of the tragic events that have happened in the world as of late, this song is a breath of fresh air and really makes the listener think. The Maneken is available for booking and licensing outside of the Ukraine and is currently in negotiations with companies from Germany and the U.S. for an upcoming album release due in the spring. Contact Igor Tarnapolsky for more details at igor@rfs.com.ua.

LINK: www.themaneken.com

STREAM: “Stop”