Aug 15


As with most musical undertakings, Redcoats started in a suburban living room four years ago. Rhys and Andrew, who went to grade and high school together, were joined by vocalist Emilio. They gradually worked their way from the living room into the thriving live scene around Melbourne. In 2009, Neil moved from the country town of Bendigo and landed in the middle of this jamming trio. Redcoat’s new musical direction soon started to take shape. A few months later, Redcoats worked with Rob Long at Birdland Studios to record their first collection of songs. The following year, the quartet made the decision to drop everything and focus solely on their band. After deciding the best place to create music was tucked away in isolation, Redcoats headed off on a series of writing trips in Victoria (AUS). Following some great gig experiences including Bass In The Grass (Darwin), Redcoats returned to Birdland Studios in July 2010 with some new tunes under their belt.With growing industry awareness, Redcoats were invited to showcase at International Music Conference One Movement MUSEXPO Asia Pacific in Perth in October 2010. Later that month they signed with their Management company, Blue Max Music. This year Redcoats returned to Birdland Studios to begin mixing their debut EP with Lindsay Gravina. In March, Redcoats released their debut single, “Dreamshaker,” which was added to the Triple J (AUS) playlist. The week after the release of their debut single, Redcoats headed out to tour nationally with legend rockers Stone Temple Pilots. In June, Redcoats signed with Island Records/Universal and released their debut EP the following month.

STREAM: “Dreamshaker”